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     Spritely Shelters:     

   Faerie Houses and More! 


   Welcome to Spritely Shelters: Faerie Houses and More!  You'll find my handmade Faerie houses as well as wreaths featuring Faerie themes, Faerie doors, and scenes of the Fae life. I use natural materials and found objects in my creations and no two are exactly alike. I exhibit and sell at Renaissance faires and craft shows in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Hope to see you at one of them!


Look for my green tent.  I stenciled Art Nouveau-style flowers around the top edge.

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A note on spelling:

"Faerie, Fairy, Fairie, Faery? " I choose "Faerie" as it is an older, more traditional mode. Recently I learned that the term "Faerie' or "Fae" can include other magical creatures as well, such as elves, gnomes or sprites.

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